Spring Things

Farmer's Market Feature

It’s officially been spring for a few weeks now, but it really has not felt even remotely spring-like yet. Until this weekend. The sun decided to finally shine for more than a few fleeting moments, and the temperature crawled it’s way (just barely) past the 60 degree mark.

I took a trip to the Waverly Farmer’s Market for a research project I’m doing in my Food Politics class, and couldn’t help but notice all of the baby blossoms that were making their presence known at so many of the stands.

Flower 1

In all honesty I could not tell you the names of most of the flowers that I got a little carried away taking pictures of, but it so very happy to see so much life and color somewhere for the first time in what has felt like a very long while.

Farmer's Market Greens

The market was also abound with all sorts of yummy-looking spring greens, and I couldn’t resist the notion of arugula salads for days, so a pound of it I purchased. Along with sorrel. And watercress. And a little tarragon plant…because, why not?

Farmer's Market Bread

I would say I have zero ounces of self control when it comes to buying things at farmer’s markets (or grocery stores in general, for that matter), but I did not – I repeat, NOT – buy this baguette despite it only being a few hours shy of Passover ending. I knew that the temptation of having fresh bread in my possession would be too hard to resist, and so carb-less I went home.

Farmer's Market Flowers

I took a few more photos of mystery flowers to distract and/or console myself of my breadlessness (

Farmer's Market Flowers

Farmer's Market Flowers



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