About Me

Asia Photo

Hi there! My name is Asia. I’m currently a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying public health and marketing. I really like food.

I’ve been food-crazed pretty much my whole life. I was born in Japan (where my mom is from), but moved to the US just before I turned two and was raised in Brooklyn, New York (where my dad is from). Ever since I can remember, I’ve been eating an assortment of different foods that are representative not only of the two vastly different cultures in which I was brought up, but also the unique diversity of the city I call home.

I’ve found that food and tradition have always been indisputably intertwined. From centuries-old customs to the seemingly endless list of national food “holidays”, why do we eat certain things on certain days? I eat mochi on New Year’s Day and challah on Friday nights and pie on March 14th. The number of food traditions like these are endless, and span across cultures, countries, and continents.

Let’s celebrate what we eat, when we eat it, and why it is that on this day we eat.


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