No Bread, No Problem

Passover FeaturePassover began this past Friday, which means no bread for me until next Saturday night. No bread, no pasta (or noodles of any kind!), no rice, no beans, no corn, no baked goods no…actually wait I think I got it all. All of these lovely foods that normally comprise a fair portion of my preferred diet (see previous post) fall into this category of chametz, which refers to anything leavened and/or grain-based. Instead, there’s cardboard matzah, an unleavened “bread” product that pays homage to how the Jews did not have enough time to wait for bread to rise when they were busy escaping slavery.  Continue reading


Not Your Average PB&J

PB Feature

I feel like peanut butter sandwiches sometimes get a bad rap. They’re usually seen as the most disappointing of the elementary school lunchbox sandwiches, or what college students have to resort to making themselves for dinner because they’re 1) not responsible enough to remember to buy groceries and 2) broke college students.

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